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     Model name                   FineVu GX5000                                          

    Dimension/Weight          Front : 98.5 x 64.8 x 31.04mm / 107.5g
    Rear : 53.4 x 30.3 x 41.5mm / 26.5g                                                 Weight including the mount

    Memory Capacity            Micro SD Card (32GB / 64GB / 128GB)      Class 10 or above recommended /
    SDXC compatible

    Recording mode             Driving recording                                     1 min. interval recording

                                           Driving event(impact) recording               20 sec. recording(10 seconds before and after detection)

                                           Manual recording                                     20 sec. recording(10 seconds before and after detection)

                                           Parking (impact & motion detection) recording        20 sec. recording(10 seconds before and after detection)

                                           Driving time lapse recording                     30fps recording after impact detected

                                           Parking time lapse recording                    30fps recording after impact detected

    Lens                                Front : Full HD wide-angle lens
    Rear : Full HD wide-angle lens                                                          

    Image sensor                  Front : 2.13M pixels, ½.8" SONY Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor
    Rear : 2M pixels, 1/3" CMOS Image Sensor                                       

    Viewing angle                 Front : more than 145° of the opposite angle /
    115° of the horizontal angle / 62° of the vertical angle                     

                                           Rear : more than 134° of the opposite angle /
    105° of the horizontal angle / 60° of the vertical angle                     

    Video                              Front : 1920X1080p@30fps
    Rear : 1920X1080p@30fps                                                                

    Display                            3.5" IPS LCD (800 x 480) with Touch           

    Microphone                    Built-in                                                      

    Speaker                           Built-in                                                      

    Acceleration sensor         3-axis acceleration sensor                         +2g / -2g

    Input power                    DC 12V - 24V                                             

    Battery                            Super capacitor                                        Supply power to safely store video in case of external shutoff

    Power consumption        4.1W                                                         Based on 2ch, GPS ON

    Storage temperature       Operation temperature -20℃~70℃ /
    Storage temperature -30℃~80℃                                                     

    Interface                         Power port (3.5 ø), Rear Camera Connection Port (2.5 ø), External GPS Port (2.5Φ)   Vehicle speed, ADAS and Speed Camera Alert operate under GPS reception

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